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Friday, August 11, 2006

Learn to Speak Spanish

Learn To Speak Spanish

Learn to Speak Spanish
Isn't it time that you learn to speak spanish? If you passed upthe opportunity to learn to speak spanish in high school, and youneed to do so now...don't worry. This information is targeted to you.

I took three years of high school Spanish and still wasn't veryconversational in it. I could ask for the location of thebathroom, order a beer, count to ten and say hello and how areyou. Unfortunately that was about it.

The good news about learning to speak Spanish is that you reallyonly need to know about 400-500 words to be conversationl withjust about anyone. So, if you are planning a trip to a Spanishspeaking country and you want to talk with the locals you will beable to do so.
The key is to stay motivated and don't become frustrated early onin the process. It's easy to lose your motivation when you arelearning new word combinations and a different way of thinking.Just hang in there.

Don't lose your focus. Try and dedicate a small portion of yourday everday being focused on how to learn to speak Spanish. You will be surprised at how quickly you pick it up with a little practice.

Focus in on only the 400-500 words or so that you need to learnto become full conversational in Spanish. There are a few verygood programs out there that will teach you how to do this. Infact, I will recommend one to you in the next few days.

Be prepared to make mistakes. Spanish is spoken in a muchdifferent manner than is English. Word combinations are donedifferently and may not make sense to you. Don't worry about it.Just pronounce them the way that they are intended to be and justknow that you will learn to speak Spanish with time.

As I mentioned earlier, there are many, many ways to learn tospeak Spanish from videos, software, audio tutorials, books andthe like. My pesonal favorite is a combination of all of theseas people learn in very different ways. A program that mergesall of these different ways to learn is the ideal model.

There is a link to my favorite program in the banner of my blog.The nice thing is that they offer a free trial. Feel free togive it a go...

Learn to speak spanish


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